Swedish Massage

35 Years

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Why Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage is a common, all encompassing technique to help with relaxation and releasing muscle tension. This technique is done with gliding strokes, kneading, compression, and light tapping on the outermost muscles. This massage technique not only helps release stress help throughout the body, but also increases oxygen levels in the blood helps with increasing flexibility, stress reduction, rehabilitation of injured muscles, and pain management. Swedish Massage is also aids in increasing energy, improving sleep, and detoxifying the body overall.

Still not convinced?

Research has also shown the positive effects swedish massage has on mental health. It has been shown that oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine can all be increased through the process of receiving massage. By making massage a part of your routine, you are caring for your body and mind. For many, massage is an extremely important habit to maintaining quality of life.

Increased Energy, improved sleep, stress reduction and pain management.


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